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Substance abuse among healthcare workers?

you are a health care worker and you find out that your best friend, who is a nurse, has been diverting patients' controlled substances for her personal use. who would be your initial reaction? what advice would you give to your freind?

First of all this is a question about ethics..she should be reported. I know this is hard because she is your freind but as a nurse she must realize that by not giving the patient the required meds, that patient is suffering needlessly. Second its stealing..which is against the law..third..she is working stoned..which is a liability....and dangerous for those who are under her care. What is she seriuosly hurts someone or kills them? you have to take thses in consideration, its not just about her getting a buzz..but about her ability to be a safe effective nurse.
go to Rehab!
There is only one correct response. Have courage and tell the individual that the action is unethical, immoral, and illegal. Then communicate your knowledge to her immediate supervisor. this is the only way this person can be helped and patients are protected. ignoring or covering up the problem will make it much worse. No one has gotten away with narcotic diversion indefinitely.
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