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Thyroid disorder?

What are the symptoms of an under active thyroid? As I'm worried I have it, I keep meaning to go to the docs but feel a little silly telling them my symptoms!

I'm always feeling cold, can't loose weight (I eat healthily), I feel tired all the time, my periods stopped, I ache a lot, sometimes I have no appitite and others I feel hungry all day, and there is a family history of thyroid problems. It's been going on for a while but I keep thinking it might just be that I'm looking too much into it.

Has anyone out there had these or similar symptoms? And if so did they get them checked out? And what was up? Could it be my thyroid or something else?

Don't self-diagnose
It could be Thyroid issues - if so, it's easily treated with medication. Some of the symptoms you've mentioned would be expected with a Thyroid disorder, but they are also common for a lot of other things. Why keep feeling miserable? Get it checked out & treated ASAP! Good luck - feel better soon!
The symptoms of hypothyroidism, under active thyroid gland, are usually over weight, cranky, dry skin an dit can sometimes effect your growth
This sounds like an underactive thyroid. My friend has an overactive thyroid and has opposite symptoms, which sounds about right. Just go to doc - a simple blood test will tell you.
Your symptoms don't sound silly, and a TSH test is not that hard to come by. If you're reading too much into your symptoms, so what? You actually sound like just the sort of patient doctors like to have.
Thyroid disorder is a very serious illness. Your symptons are well showing that you have this illness. Please go immediately to a doctor and get a treatment. The treatment is very easy but it takes a long time. On the other hand if you do not get a treatment right away the actual illness will show itself in your older years. You will be more angry, getting too early into menopause, you might experience heart problems and many other things..

I had a very active thyroid. After 3 years of medical treatment, I made Yoga for about three months (there is one special asana for thyroid) and my doctor told me I was miraculously cured. Still I am very well but there is always the possibility of it recurring, so every 6 months I run a blood test, just to be sure..

Good luck..))
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Don't feel silly about talking to your doctor about anything you think is wrong, especially if there is a family history of it. It might be that you have a thyroid problem, plus another issue. Go to your gynecologist, and tell them your symptoms. The thyroid test is a simple blood test, takes maybe five minutes. Plus your doctor can give you insight as to other problems it might be. That is what is tuff about being a female. Most of the symptoms for things that can be wrong are exactly alike in different problems with the female organs.
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