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I posted a question a few days ago about a yellow/green discharge I had had for several years (since I was 13 or 14) and am now 26. At the time I heard other women say everyone has a natural discharge so I never went to the dr. A few years ago I realized this wasn't the same discharge they were talking about. Saturday I went to a local clinic and the dr did a gynocological exam and said it was a severe infection and gave me both Metronidazole (bacteria) and Doxycycline (inflamed cervix) - both 7 day oral treatments I take twice a day. She said under the microscope it looked like Trichomoniasis (an STD) however I never had sex till I was 20 and have always had this green/yellow discharge since i was around 13. I was never sexually abused, nor did I ever masturbate or stick anything up there to cause something like that - so when she said she wanted to say overgrowth of bad bacteria looked like an STD I was shocked.

Everyone's discharge is a little diff. In taste, in color , and in texture ie viscocity. YOu can get infections from ( and not excluding other ways)
being too dirty
being too clean
thong underwear ( esy transfer of bacteria from back to front)
wiping back to front ( bad bad)
anal to vaginal intercourse
powders and or sprays
laundry detergents
allergic reactions to condoms/spermacides
chemistry differnces -you and partner

when you are better learn what your normal scent and or color is, it'll help you know your body better.

Btw the trich is newly contracted

Yes there's other infections that can look similar as well
How is trichomonas transmitted?

Trichomonas is a sexually transmitted disease which is transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse, although transmission through other routes such as dirty towels and wash cloths has been documented. Pregnant women can also pass this infection to their babies during vaginal births. Source(s): I know my body well by scent, and texture. I knew I was pregnant this way, and can tell if I due for a cycle etc.

consult a doc
get your partners checked if they had it.also you could have given it to someone.
You do not get trich from wiping wrong. I hope the doc cultured your discharge so you get a for sure diagnosis as trich is a sexually transmitted disease. Your best bet is to call your doc in the morning and talk to the nurse and have them explain everything about your infection to you.
Trichomoniasis is an STD and no you can't get it from wiping the wrong way. It's and STD that they never taught you about in school when doing the "Safe Sex and STDs" discussion. I didn't know what it was or that it was an STD until I started working in the ER and assisting dr's with pelvic exams. It's actually quite common.
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