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Urinary Tract Infection or worse?

Yesterday I began experiencing all the classic symptoms of a UTI: pain while urinating, frequent urination, also gross hematuria (scary!). I took an OTC screening test this morning and it gave a positive result for Nitrites (the proteins were normal). I have already called my doctor and am waiting for them to call in a prescription and to see if she wants me to come in for further tests/evaluations. The worst part though is the pain in my lower back-- it reminds me of the pressure/pain I had when I was in labor with my daughter. I would think I had honeymoon cystitis, whereas it just followed a weekend of frequent, very vigorisis sex after months of no sex. I am 100% confident that it is not an STD since we both were tested six months ago before becoming sexually active and although it's a long distant relationship, I simply do not believe he would be unfaithful. What I'm wondering is if the lower back pain indicates it has become a Kidney Infection.

it is a kidney infection if you have pain where you describe. i had the exact same thing. get yourself to the drs asap for some good old antibiotics. the pain will ease within a day.
kidney infection
i have had one OWCH!!!!!!!
Yes i agree- classic sypmtoms of UTI.
Stop worrying, as soon as you get those anti-biotics you will start to feel better.
Not necessarily, it could just be the general discomfort of your infection. Having said that, it is really easy for UTI's to get into the kidneys.

Personally I wouldn't wait around for the Dr, I'd get yourself off to somewhere that can see you straight away to get it checked out.

So much better to be safe than sorry huh.
You need an urine test and a blood test to be sure.Hope you get well soon.Drink plenty of water, barley squash is good.
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