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Urinary tract infection...is it safe to have sex?

Urinary tract infection...is it safe to have sex?

No, they are not contagious (you can't catch it or give it to anyone else)
UTI's are most common in young woman who:

* have had a UTI before
* are having sexual intercourse
* use spermicides alone or w/ condoms or diaphragms
* are pregnant

And yes, it is safe to have sex. Afterwards though, make sure you pee, and clean your vagina very good with soap! Source(s): http://www.youngwomenshealth.org/uti.htm...
yes just go pee right afterwards even if you just get a little trickle.
I wouldn't recommend it - it might make the infection worse
He has one,or you do? Either way it's safe, as in not deadly but it sure will hurt like hell there at the end.
Well, it kind of depends on your gender and
what you are infected with.

With the vast majority of UTIs, it is safe
regardless of gender.
If it's a yeast infection, you can pass it on to your partner. I do not recommend having sex until it clears up. You are likely to exacerbate the infection with sex.
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