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UTI [Urinary Tract Infection] and Masturbation?

I've had a urinary tract infection for three days now. I've aided it with water and cranberry juice and pills from my pharmacist. It's been getting better. It started off with a really bad burn and little urination but now it's full urination with a slight burn. I might go to a doctor this weekend but my question is; I haven't masturbated (i'm male) for awhile now.. And it's really getting to me... Should it be ok to masturbate?

Masturbation never harmed anybody
no problems with the masturbating...but i would look at the cause of the UTI (how do you know it is a UTI?). have you recently had unprotected intercourse? do you drink plenty of fluids daily (at least 64-96 oz) {could you be dehydrated and passing concentrated urine will may your urethra burn}, do you instrument your penis? have you any unusual problems with your bowel movements?
you don't mention your age, but it is uncommon for men to get a UTI. your doctor may want to see a samply of your first morning urination and to send it off for culture...after you collect itm, put it in the fridge (do not leave it sit out as the normal bacteria will overgrow and 'contaminate' the specimen
good luck
er doc
Yes, go ahead. Be warned that it might burn, but the positive side is...this will help get the antibiotic into those places, too. Out with the bad, in with the good.
You need to see a Dr. - and then the question is how did you get it. Some of the other posts address that. One thing that may happen is if you masturbate and then pinch it to keep semen from coming out it can back up into the tract.
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