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Can men get a urinary tract infection from oral sex?

I'm not talking about a severe disease, just an infection that would require antibiotics. If you did get one would it be from the bacteria in the mouth.? I havent heard anything on this.

Actually a UTI is caused by e coli or fecal matter getting into the urinary tract. It is common in women because everything "down there" is close together and its easy to swap fluids so to speak. it would be pretty impossible for a guy to get a UTI from getting oral sex unless the person giving him the oral sex had a mouth full of crap.men do not feel the effects of uti's. they can be carriers and give it to chicks but they dont know it
actually i have never either i do know you can get herpes from oral even if you dont see a break out thats visible. if you have been in a hot tub recently that could be the cause. or you just could plain have one. good luck.
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Not really. The urethra in a man is several inches long so she'd have to blow saliva bubbles up it to get to the bladder. And that just won't happen. Ejaculate clears the urethra after oral sex and significantly reduces any risk of infection. See your Dr, it may be something more serious than a UTI.
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