?html> Can fecal matter get lodged in your urinary tract when engaging in anal sex?
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Can fecal matter get lodged in your urinary tract when engaging in anal sex?

Can someone please give me some info, my question keeps getting removed.

wear a condom you dirty little man
I have never been a fan of anal sex, and you just solidified it.
I think so, But ** no pun intended **
I've heard Sue Johansen on Oxygen **Sunday night sex show** say that it's only after having regular anal sex that the lining of the anus/vagina walls become very thin and can tear causing urine to come out of the anus and visa versa..
Not if you use a condom. You must be gay or in prison. Nobody else does anal sex.
well you know what happens if it does, don't you" think about it.
thats just another reason why i dont like anal sex, besides why would guys like it when their woman has a perfectly good snapper?i just dont get it
without making any assumptions, the anus isn't designed for penetration & therefore is more prone to tears that would provide an entry point to bacterias, etc. the fecal matter could also become impacted in the urethra of the male which ultimately leads to the bladder where it could cause infection. that same fecal matter could end up in the female's system where it could also cause infection.
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