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My 5 year old keeps getting urinary tract infections, why?

For a few years now my 5 year old daughter has been repeatedly getting UTI's and Dr.'s have not found anything to explain it. They just keep giving her antibiotics. I'm afraid her kidneys are going to be messed up! Has anyone been in my situation w/ their small daughter?

Don't let her take bubble baths.....I remember when my girls were young, their doctor told me that can cause the infections.
no, but i think this is a problem with children that have been sexually abused.
I'm sorry to hear this about your baby girl. Maybe she is holding her urine in too long...Give her Cranberry Juice and Yogurt daily that helps.
My niece went thru this, but my ex-sis-in-law was letting her drink as much soda as she wanted, and it was a LOT. Once she finally cut back on soda and drank more of a variety of drinks - especially less sugary ones - she never had another. If she's drinking a lot of soda that might be a possibility.
Try having her take showers instead of baths. My nieces had the same problem, and the doctor had no explanation. But as soon as we did away with the bath water we did away with the UTIs also. Good luck. If you can not resolve the issue try a urologist.
does she swim in a pool alot? does she know the propper way to wipe? pools can cause that problem and so can not wiping propperly, front to back is right.
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    drink plenty of water and drink cranberry juice. if you don't like the juice then they have cranberry pills. I take them daily because i am so prone to utis. if you take bathes, try not ...
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    severe burning when you pee,,,feeling like you need to pee and only gettin a dribble. i get them bad enough i can run a fever, or pass blood in the urine. if it has traveled to your kidney...
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