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Any home remedies for curing a Urinary Tract Infection with ECOLI bacteria?

any home remedies for curing a URINARY TRACT INFECTION with a high colony count of >10 of ECOLI BACTERIA? been on the various antibiotics for over 20 days now, but it is not going down as yet. NEED SOME URGENT HELP PLEASE!

Vitamin C: 500 mg every other hour, as tolerated. Stop using if bowel movements become loose.

Cranberry: 400 mg twice a day. Or drink 16 ounces of pure, unsweetened juice a day.

Goldenseal: 1 cup goldenseal tea several times a day. Goldenseal can also be blended with echinacea or nettle tea.

Acidophilus: 1 pill (1-2 billion live organisms) twice a day. Take if your doctor has also prescribed antibiotics.

Uva Ursi: 500 mg, or 1? tsp. tincture, 4 times a day for 1 week. Buy extract standardized to contain 20% arbutin. Don't take with vitamin C or cranberry. Avoid if pregnant.

Echinacea: 1 cup echinacea tea several times a day. You can blend this herb with goldenseal or nettle.

Nettle: 1 cup nettle tea several times a day. You can blend this herb with echinacea or goldenseal.
lots of cranberry juice
I just found out that I might have a UTI i have been told that pure cranberry juice helps...
Home remedies? Yes indeed! I used to be a caregiver for an elderly lady, and we found THE perfect cure! The doctor told her that EColi was the most common. Of course, cranberry juice is good, but you can never get enough of the magic ingredient unless you drink a gallon or more. The magic ingredient is Vitamin "C".
Just go to the grocery store & buy a bottle of ESTER "C" tablets. ESTER "C" is merely a non-acidic form of Vitamin "C". It comes in 500mg and 1000mg tablets. You can choose either one. They will NEVER upset your stomach no matter how many you take. (ORDINARY vitamin "C" tablets WILL!). Take 1000mg of ESTER "C" with a full glass of water spaced out 4 times a day. Continue whatever you are currently taking, or doing, and just add this to your daily routine. Ask your doctor before you take anything new, if you like. It will not fail to take the infection away in just 2 or 3 days.
Grannie's Home Remedies.
You can go to the store and get some vitamin e, c, and also cranberry pills. Also a lot of water and cranberry juice. This will help clear out you system. They also should give you a shot of system cleaner. I don't remeber the offical name but I remember that they had to put lidocane with it because it hurts to be injected inside of the human body. This is the worst experience that I ever dealt with but my UTI was gone in about 2 days. Also the shot will make you relax a lot in you but area so when your system is wanting to clear out you better be able to be by a toilet. Good luck! You may want to talk to your doctor again. Also if they do the same thing. Go to the emergency room. They will help you right then and there.
UTI's can be very serious. In fact, I learned recently that UTI's are the cause of death for most who are paralyzed. Interesting little known fact.

Glyconutrients are what many are using successfully to provide the body with the raw materials to modulate the immune system, to take care of this.

98% effective
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