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Can drinking cranberry juice help kill the bacteria of a Urinary Tract Infection?

I feel I have a UTI and had one about 3 months ago after a miscarriage I had and I got it again I am a little embarrassed to go to my doctor again for the same problem. I am very clean and try to keep myself that way but I don't know why I get them so often. Please help

Cranberry juice will not KILL the bacteria once it is there but it does keep the bacteria from attaching to the lining of your bladder, therefore preventing as many UTI's in some people. I wouldn't be embarrassed in going back to the Dr. You need to find out why you are getting them so often. It could be something minor or something serious such as Diabetes causing chronic UTI's.
yes, the juice helps flush out the system. my wife drinks it
yes but the best way is to drink plenty of water, don't hold having to pee too long, wipe front to back, and make sure you urinate almost immediately after sex.
i heard that the cranberry juice thing was a myth, but i dont know for sure. its worth a try though.
Cranberry juice is highly acidic which can help clean out the urinary system but if you have an infection there is no way that cranberry juice will cure it. Antibiotics are the answer. It is common for women to get UTI's-don't be embarrassed. You could try to increase your fluid intake of water, juices, etc.., wear cotton panties only, etc..
Cranberry juice COCKTAIL doesnt help at all, in fact it can make it worse since its so high in sugar. You need to get 100% cranberry juice concentrate from a health food store. ITs very bitter and not so fun to drink but it helps drastically. I', 25 and Ive had constant UTI's and kidney infections for about six years now, and after months of testing and doctors and surgeries with no answer to why this happens, Ive found that the SECOND you feel that burn, or the urge to pee and nothing happens, drink lots of water event hough it hurts to pee, dont eat spicey or sugary foods for a while and go to a pharmacy and get an over the counter urinary ifection medicine. They work quite well. If that doesnt help then go see a doctor, the longer you wait, the higher your chances of getting a kidney infection are.
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