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What 3 constituents might be present in urine if there is a urinary tract infection?

What 3 constituents might be present in urine if there is a urinary tract infection?

If there is a UTI, the urine may contain WBC's (white blood cells), nitrates, bacteria, and maybe RBC's (red blood cells).
Protein, blood, nitrites and Leukocytes.
a yeast discharge,blood,cloudy urine
RBC, pus cells, Protein.
albumin..:(some times mentioned as protein)
RBC(red blood cell)
pusscell(dead WBC)
musscle cells
micro organisms (usually detected by culture/sensitivity test)

but the amount present in ppc(perts per million) from collection of whole urine sample after a certain time period (usually 24 hrs) can actually clarifies the actual problem

also other symptoms like persistance back pain (just above the weast region) or burning sensetion in urinary path/ tract and noticible weight loss have to be taken in to account.
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