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Home treatment for urinary tract infection?

I was wondering if there's anything you can do at home for a UTI? My doctor doesn't have any openings for a month and I need to get this cleared up. Any advice will do! I know I have one because of the smell when I urinate; I've had them before but was always put on an antibiotic.

Go get some AZO Standard from any drug store and start taking them. Then drink lemonade, cranberry juice or water with lemon. I have had them multiple times with kidney stones, and have been to specialists. They all have told me lemonade, with less sugar is a good way to eat the bacteria causing the infection. But you need to take AZO and drink penty of liquids. This is a good way to clear it up fast and painfree.
Cranberry Juice, or cranberry extract capsules.
I always heard to drink plenty of cranberry juice.
My mom does that when she gets a UTI and she says it helps so much.
You can try cranberry juice or Azo (an OTC pill that makes the burning less intense), but if it's a bad infection, you'll need antibiotics. Tell your doctor it's serious and you need to be seen right away. They can't tell you to wait for a month for a urinary tract infection. If they still don't let you in, go to an urgent care clinic, and then get yourself a new doctor.
you should get antibiotics hun in case of secondary infection , make a appointment but in the mean time drink lots of fluids , cranberry juice is great
Drink a lot of cranberry juice... and try to avoid sugary things..

It may not Clear it up but it does help...

And try to not have sex for a week or so the pounding on your bladder isnt too good either
I had a UTI once. I got sachels of powder from the chemist. The powder dissolves in water and it creates a lemon flavoured drink. Mine fully cleared up in a couple days.
You could also try talking to the pharmasist or going to a different doctor.
Goodluck with whatever you end up trying.
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