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How do i get rid of varicose veins on my legs?

How do i get rid of varicose veins on my legs?

Compression stockings
These may relieve the swelling and aching of your legs but do not prevent more varicose veins from developing. They need to be worn during the day and are taken off at night. Graduated compression stockings are tightest at the ankle and get gradually looser further up the leg. These help the blood to flow up towards the heart.

Compression stockings are available in various sizes and pressures and it is very important that they fit you properly. They are made to fit your calf diameter, not foot size. Your GP or pharmacist can provide advice.

Some people find compression stockings difficult to put on. There are tools available to help, or you could ask for help from a partner or friend. Stockings can be uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. But there is no point in wearing them rolled down.

Injection sclerotherapy
Small varicose veins can be injected with a chemical that damages the vein walls. As a result, scar tissue forms which closes off the affected vein. Other stronger veins take over and the treated vein, which is no longer filled with blood, becomes less visible.

For larger veins, a foam is sometimes injected instead of a liquid (this is called foam sclerotherapy), using ultrasound to guide the injection. Foam sclerotherapy is a new technique, and in a small number of people it can cause complications including blood clots in other leg veins, temporary vision problems, headaches and fainting. Your doctor will give you more information and advise whether foam sclerotherapy is a suitable treatment for you.

For best results, you should wear a compression bandage for between three and six weeks after injection sclerotherapy.

Injection sclerotherapy can be an alternative to surgery, but varicose veins may come back and nearby veins may become varicose. Often, several injections are needed. One possible side-effect of this treatment is skin discolouration. Your doctor will give you more information.

Varicose vein surgery
This involves removing the affected superficial veins. There are many variations of operation, depending on which veins need treatment. The most common is called ligation and stripping. For more information, please see the separate BUPA health factsheet, Varicose vein surgery.

New approaches
Minimally invasive techniques such as laser, microwave and radiofrequency treatments are being provided at some hospitals. One of these is endovenous ligation treatment (EVLT), where a fine laser probe is passed inside a vein. This heats the vein and causes it to close up.

Anyone can develop varicose veins, so it may not always be possible to prevent them. Although there are no scientifically proven ways to prevent varicose veins, the following suggestions may be useful:

avoid standing still for long periods of time
take regular exercise, such as walking
maintain a healthy weight
wear properly fitted compression stockings to prevent further deterioration of existing varicose veins
you see a doctor for treatment, there are several available
The only way to get rid of them is with surgery.
You don't, it requires doctor's intervention and its not as easy to remove the veins as it would seem. Talk to your doctor and let her decide what to do about it. Varicose veins are still working veins and your body still need the continued blood flow, despite the fact that they may not look good.
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