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Are there condoms that are known to help prevent yeast infections?

My girlfriend says that some condoms give her yeast infections

Get unlubricated and use a silicone based lubricant... standard lubes have glycerine in them, which is like gatorade for yeast. Some women are more sensitive than others, I've only had one girlfriend have this problem, but after much research this was a good solution.The condom isn't giving her the yeast infection. Some condoms can certainly cause irritation, though. Just stick to the one you CAN use that doesn't cause irritation.

If she is getting yeast infections, she really needs to see her doctor. After all , it is an infection and if not treated properly, it won't go away.
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  • A friend of mines told me she doesnt get yeast infections. I think all woman are susceptible, am I right?
    yea! acctually my dog has a yeast infection in her ear (we have meds for it) u can get a yeast infection anywhere thats warm and moist....
  • I heard Balsamic Vinegar can cause girls to get yeast infections...is this true?
    Vinegar is made with a yeast culture. Foods that contain vinegar include: White vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, mayonnaise, commercial salad dressing, ketch...
  • How do you get rid of continuos problems with yeast infections?
    Your doctor should have told you that your diet has alot to due with it. Sugar is BAD! You need good things in your system when your hormones are getting your body out of whack. Vitamin C...
  • What could be the cause a woman to have frequent yeast infections?
    It could also be your diet. Eating too much sugar is another cause of yeast infections. If you think this might be the problem, check out ...
  • On a cycyline antibiotic med for mabey 6 mo. NO YEAST INFECTIONS PLZ?
    i have found that yogurt actually does help...
  • Someone please tell me how to stop getting yeast infections!?
    I would definatly see your docter about this. In the future, eat lots of yogurt (It contains natural bacteria that will help you combat unbalances in your body.) Also, think about your showe...
  • Say no to thongs if you're getting yeast infections again and again.?
    Yeast infections isn't the only thing that thongs contribute to. If you are getting UTI's repeatedly, and they culture out to E-Coli, 9 out of 10 times it is from your thong. Of cou...
  • What is that perscription antibiotic that causes less yeast infections?
    I am not sure about the antibiotic name but whenever my doctor gives me an antibiotic I always ask for DIflucan. It is one pill that you take and it knocks out a yeast infection really fast!...

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