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Should i go see a doctor if i have had 3 yeast infections in the past 2 months?

before i had my daughter i never got yeast infections and its been a year since i gave birth and i have had many yeast infections. is there something wrong with me? should i see an ob/gyn

Yes, that's way too many. You need to find out what you're doing wrong to contribute to this. Diet, stress, tight clothing (i.e. panty hose, tight jeans, nylon or rayon underwear (wear breathable cotton underwear) or tight clothing while exercising) lotions and/or soaps irritants, even not wiping properly after a bowel movement can all be factors. Discuss these factors with your doctor. Also, if you have a yeast infection, you should wait to have sex until after the yeast infection is gone; because your partner can give in back to you.
I think you should see a doc.U might want to get a urinanalysis done too. Did you develop diabetes when u were pregnant?
Yes, a primary care doctor might be able to help you even.

I'm not a doctor, but I do have a biology degree.
Nor am I woman.

But I know that your body tends to destroy the yeast cells if its immunity is up. *don't let this scare you, I'm just using it as an example*, pts. with AIDS (decreased immunity) have thrush which is the same as a yeast infections.

Also, pants that are too tight cause them.

Typically, this can be treated over the counter, but the fact that you asked this question warrants a trip to the doctor, especially if you have good insurance.
I would go to the doc. Maybe all the yeast isnt going away each time you treat it. Its very hard to get rid of sometimes.

Have you had any antibiotics lately? Or alot of antibiotics in the past?

Go to yeastsyndrome.com. Itll give you some answers.
Ive lived with intestinal yeast overgrowth for 5 yrs, and also prone to vaginal yeast infections.
3 and you haven't seen a doctor yet?? Yes go see one.
PLease go see a doctor immedialty>
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