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Yeast infection?

i think ive had one for 3 years.. i cant take it im now 14 years old... will it go away on its own will it cause any major damage if i dont take care of it??

3 years? Go to WebMD.com and make sure your symptoms match for a yeast infection. If you do think that its a yeast infection, you should see a doctor. Thats not an area you want to mess up at such a young age. Source(s): www.WebMD.com
Go get a 7 day monistat insert. IT WORKS
Try to stop eating sugar. That is what is feeding it.
Do you know for sure that its a yeast infection? Could it possibly be an STD? Get monistat 7, and it will go away.
omg ive had the same problem, i feel so afraid to tell someone!!!!!!!!!!! please someone answer this question!!!
go to the store and get monistat or even try eating a lot of yogurt...but are you sure its a yeast infection?
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