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Yeast infection?

so im pretty sure i have a yeast infection. i didnt want to go to the doctor, but its probably the best thing to do. whats the best way to tell my mom i have a y.i and ask her to go to the doctore, cuz im kinda embaressed :(

Wash your poony with soap
Monistat... but use the 3-day formula. It gets rid of them quickly. Another thing... don't use scented soaps or lotions in the area you have a yeast infestion, it causes them.
well i treated my yeast infection with over the counter medicene you can buy at the store. just go up to the store alone and ask the pharmacist about what would be the best for a yeast infection. I used vagisil.

You dont have to go to the doctor or involve your mom if you dont want to.
you can try one of the Monistat type products at the drug store - they're between 10-20 bucks. it should get rid of the yi in 1-7 days depending on which you use. but if it doesnt go away or it comes back, def. go to the doctor. just tell your mom that you dont know whats wrong but it itches, etc etc. play a lil dumb.
You should be embarrased you are a dirty girl. Maybe you could get a job making mayonase at subway with all that goo.
it's more embarassing to put it out on the web.
well at least we don't know you name.
You can use monistat 7, its over the counter. but you should go to a gyno just incause you have a bacterial or fungal infection, for that you will need antibiotics.
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