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Yoga, and walking?!?

Has anyone simply tried to lose weight from yoga and walking? If so, how many times and how for long did u do the either, and how much weight did u lose?

Well mate, I may have a few words for you. I've been doing yoga for about 5 years now. It's a very good exercise and really loosens you up. Walking is good for cardio...which will eventually give you results but on a much slower scale. If you want results sooner, you need to think about jogging or perhaps swimming. My routine is to do yoga for about 45 minutes then swim for about 12 miles. That's a bit extreme...but I'm on the varsity swim team. But if you must walk...the longer the better also try weights and keep your strides strong and fast. Also, eat well. You'll get more results from that alone than anything else. Source(s): I do yoga, swim, run, kickbox
Yes definitely, I lost 35 Pd's in three months from walking one hour a day four days a week , at my own past. I had a good healthy breakfast at 9:00 am and then a good meal at 4:00 pm with snacks in between, I didn't feel Hungry after that meal so I didn't eat dinner. But every Friday I treated my self to a hamburger or pizza so it was something to look forward too. Well it worked for me, Good luck.
It was something I did on my own, It didnt cost anything and walking was the only thing I could do at the time.
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