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Bacteria in Blood i.e. septic, is it life threatening for someone who has diabetes?

Bacteria in Blood i.e. septic, is it life threatening for someone who has diabetes?

It can be life threatening for anyone. Treatment usually includes IV antibiotics to start, followed by oral antibiotics. This will generally take care of it. How serious the illness is depends on what type of bacteria it is, how long the person has been septic, and what caused the sepsis to begin with. Talk with the doctor about these things.
septic is extremely life threatening even for normal body.
yes they are more suseptable to infection and would have to be hospitalized for iv antibiotics!
The presence of bacteria or their toxin in the blood or other tissue of the body is commonly referred to as sepsis. People whose immune system is not well functioning are more prone to sepsis. For example, people with illness such as AIDS, cancer; elderly people whose immune system have weakened; young babies whose immune system is not completely developed etc. Other medical illness such as diabetes may increase risk of sepsis. Sepsis can be a serious, life threathening disease requiring urgent and comprehensive care.
As the others have said septic or bacteria in the bloodstream can be a serious malady to anyone. However the healing factor in diabetics is lower due to poor circulation. That is why extremities like the foot will get gangrene more readily if not taken care of immediately.

Also renal or kidney failure is common to diabetics. The sugar handling load is harder for diabetics and sugar is more food for the bacteria.
All of the previous answers are correct. This is often fatal in someone who is otherwise healthy. Add high blood sugars to the mix along with diabetes complications, and the outlook is not good, sorry to say.

However, no one here can really say if the person has 2 days or 2 weeks. Your best bet is to ask their doctor. Even they might not be able to predict with certainty. Many patients hold out for much longer than expected, others crash sooner. For unknown reasons, some even bounce back and survive. It is really touch and go.

It depends on their overall health/diabetes control previously, how intensively their infection and blood sugars are being treated NOW, and if they had early hospital treatment.

I wish you the best. Please spend as much time with this person as much as possible, and ensure they get proper management of their diabetes at this time. Some hospitals tend to neglect "intensive management" at this stage, when it would be the best thing to give the person at least a fighting and fair chance at survival. At the very least, make sure they are comfortable.
Yes you can die from being septic and being a diabetic puts you at greater risk. My mother almost died in 2003 because she became septic and she is a diabetic that is not insulin dependent, and compliant. All from an ingrown toenail that she cut(diabetics have to watch their feet), it got infected and within 3 days she was on her death bed. Seticemia, renal failure, DKA, central line,partial foot amputation, and 3 months of in hospital antibiotics. So YES being septic can kill a diabetic in a matter of days!!! Sorry my story so long but I am thankful my mother is still alive, had to share her story.
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