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HELP, EYE red hurts bad, leaking or oozing white liquid that dries hard and crusty like what you get in mornin

My Eye is redder than normal, kind of bloodshot, this is my left eye, the other one is fine, it just started hurting out the blue, I hadnt gotten anything in it, rubbed it or anything, and it just started hurting everytime I blink or if I do try to rub it or something. about every 10 minutes it seems to be leaking or oozing out this white stuff that is goopy and if I dont wipe it off it dries crusty like the stuff you wipe out of your eye in the morning, its a very unnormal amount and about every 10 minutes, please help!!

One other thing, isnt pink eye, swolen and red and black and purple all over the outside and around your eye?? mine isnt like that though

maybe you have pink eye. go see a doctor. it's contagious.

go to your doctor asap.its an infection

just use water.....better than nuttin

Conjunctivitis. AKA....Pink eye. triggered by bacteria or allergies. Call your doctor and get some eye drops. Usually clears up after a few doses of eye drops. Be CAREFUL!!! It is VERY contagious!!!

If you cannot make it til morning, go to the ER. It could be anything and it could be bad. GO

it really sounds like u have pink eye. dont share mascara or pillowcases, anything your eyes would come in contact with. you need to get medicine

pink eye - you need prescription drops

I would say you have pink eye. You need to get it treated before you spread the infection to others. It is highly contagious. Don't rub your eye.

It sounds critical....i Would suggest that consult a doctor as soon as possible.
If u can not go to doctor right now, the safest thing to do is to put some rose water in ur eye. It has no side effect and it just cleans ur eye.

DO NOT, DO NOT put any medicine or any ointment in ur eye coz it can damage ur eye.

COOL! your eye is gonna pop out your head.

maybe your allergic to follen and or any allergens, better see a doctor earlier to prevent further infection.

It sounds like pink eye to me. Most general practice doctors can write a script for drops or you may have to go to an ophthalmologist. You must have antibiotic drops for it to clear up. When you wake up in the morning apply warm compresses to break up the gunk. You can also use warm wet tea bags.

You have a conjunctivitis.
Go to your clinic and see the doctor to get a prescription for drops. . .
Actually I think you can go directly to the pharmacy and ask for a remedy.

Don't worry, its just a reaction caused by an infection of the eye. It could be some dirt got in your eye and caused this.

You have pink eye for sure... be careful when waking up tomorrow... If its crusted shut, walk to the bathroom and soak it with warm water and then open the eye slowly... you can rip our lashes in clumps if you aren't careful.

GO TO A DOCTOR! Pink Eye is the most contagious of the things to do... stop with the eye drops. GO TO A DOCTOR! They have drops that will cure you in about 2 days.

reddish mean something is there, but white discharge is good sign .It means is not too bad.just try to wash your eyes with clean water and apply light antibiotic (try fucithalmic eye oint/drop)for at least 2days ,if no improvement consultant the Ophthalmologist

The symptoms and signs you describe are that of Mucopurulent Conjunctivitis. This is usually a bacterial infection, but can be viral.

If you are near an ophthalmologist, call them and tell them you are in pain, pus is coming out of your eye, HELP!

But if you're in a far away from any doctor place, you can get over the counter Bacitracin for putting on cuts. After cleaning around your eye with water, (soap hurts), wash it out and place a little bit of the bacitracin ointment inside the lower lid. It'll help if this is a Gram+ bacteria (which most are), unless your face has been near places that have Gram- bacteria.

At any rate, removing the secretions and the toxins associated with them with the water, cool or warm is fine, that'll help a lot..all by itself.

And it is possible you have something IN the eye that's causing this reaction. This isn't PINK EYE which is a viral infection and is contagious. Most bacterial conjunctivitis can be spread but they're no where near as contagious as the Adenoviruses associated with pinkeye.

If you need more help, let me know.

What you're describing could be anything from a corneal abrasion to a possible eye infection. One of the worst being Herpes. I know that sounds weird, but Herpes can infect the eye. I strongly suggest you see an opthomologist ASAP.

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  • HELP, EYE red hurts bad, leaking or oozing white liquid that dries hard and crusty like what you get in mornin

    maybe you have pink eye. go see a doctor. it's contagious.

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