?html> I have genital herpes and I had a bowel movement and it hurts like hell and is bleeding bad! Scared to poop!?
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I have genital herpes and I had a bowel movement and it hurts like hell and is bleeding bad! Scared to poop!?

I have genital herpes and I am also pregnant and I am also just getting over a bad outbreak (my first) I think I had some on my booty and last night when I had a bowel movement it hurted like hell! when I went to wipe myself I saw a lot of blood coming from my butt (I made sure it wasn't my vagina.) could that be herpes or could it be hemmroids?

The following paragraph is just a response to Rhonda. I didnt want you flipping out thinking she was right about it.................Herpes is one of the most common STDs a pregnant woman can be infected with; fortunately, however, herpes do not pose any major risks to a developing fetus. However, any lesions that are exposed near the vaginal opening during delivery could cause the disease to be passed on to the infant. That is why many women with herpes or other genital warts choose to deliver via a cesarean section.
If you are pregnant and have herpies please notify your Dr. A baby born through a vaginal canal with herpies could die. Next, you could put vasiline over the herpies so that when you wipe it is smooth and doesn't irritate the herpies. This also relieves the soreness of walking and sitting with herpies. Next. Lysine is a vitamin like substance that can be purchased at a grocery store or drug store. If you take lysine supplement before or during the outbreak it lessons the herpies. Try taking the lysine when you feel itchy, this is right before the blister appears. this works on herpies of the mouth as well. But first ask your doctor if lysine effects the baby. Or look lysine up online to find out more. I recommended this to a friend of mine and she takes 4or 5 tablets when the itching starts and has not had a breakout since doing this.
Are you constipated? Common causes of bright red blood coming from the anus are hemorrhoids and anal fissure. These both tend to go with constipation. It is possible but less likely that you have anal herpes. You need to be evaluated by your doctor to figure it out in any case.

Constipation can be improved simply by taking Psyllium (in Metamucil) and water.
Go and see a qualified doctor to assess whether its constipation or herpes. Please dont conclude on your own or on these funny answers here.
I don't think that your herpes has anything to do with this problem. You could be constipated, try drinking some prune juice or apple juice. Or take a laxative. Or it could be a hemorrhoid. They are very painful and will bleed. But, if this does not work, you may want to talk to your doc.
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