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Will you still have PMS after a partial hysterectomy?

After surgery will your body feel different sexually?

If all that was removed was the uterus, and the ovaries were left behind, then you will still experience the hormonal cycle. You just won't have a monthly period. If you suffered from PMS previously, there is still a chance that can occur. It's also possible that whatever caused you to need the partial hysterectomy was what triggered your other cyclic problems, and was taken care of by the surgery. How sex will feel depends on if the cervix was left, or if that was removed as well. If it was removed, then you may feel some alteration in sensation and things will feel different to you. The majority of our sense of sexuality is in our brains, though, not the uterus- so how you actually feel about yourself is for you to detemine. If you feel sexy, you feel sexy. If you don't, then you don't. The surgery doesn't have to affect how you feel unless you let it. You may also find that being free from the symptoms and problems that required the hysterectomy, and the freedom of fear of pregnacy result in a better sex life than before. Lots of women find that their sex life improves after menopause, because they are no longer have to worry. So how you feel actually is really all up to you. Source(s): nurse
if you have an ovary,you still have hormones.Yes
A partial hysterectomy doesn't remove your ovaries. PMS is triggered by the hormonal cycle surrounding ovulation, including menstruation. Not removing the ovaries doesn't stop the hormonal cascade.

That depends on how aware you are of your body's responses.
Yes, if you still have your ovaries you will still get PMS. I had a hysterectomy but still have my ovaries and I get PMS, I just never know when it is coming!
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