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Can you get high off of excedrin migraine?

i have this friend that has been asking for these pills and she loves getting high and drunk so can she get high off of exedrin migraine pills because if she can im going to stop giving them to her

Do you really think tylenol, aspirin, and caffeine will get you high?

Maybe "your friend" could try and we could all have a laugh at her idiocy while she has her stomach pumped in the hospital. Source(s): Common sense
I don't think so. But you could probably get sick and vomit.
no you can't. the only medicine in those pills are asprin and caffine. That's it. So,, it's safe to give them to her.
No you can't get high of Excedrin Migraine pills, and you SHOULD NOT give them to your friend if she is abusing them because taken in too large a quantity she could kill herself with them. Sounds as if she doesn't make wise choices so if I were you I would not give them to her at all. She needs help if she thinks she is getting high off of Excedrin. She is only getting the effects of the alcohol if she is taking the two together. Don't be involved in stupidity. If I were you, I think I would go find better and wiser friend. Good luck!
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