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Why do I get yeast infections so much?

I get them so often. I use antibacterial soap, I use cleansing cloths, the whole shabang. I got tested so I know it's nothing serious, but I don't get it. My boyfriend and I wash before having sex, we use lube, it is so frustrating. Any ideas?

antibiotics will actually cause yeast infection by killing off the good bacteria found in that part of the body and in the digestive tract. and trust me you are clean. it has nothing to do with how much you use antibacterial soap, or cleansing cloths.
try getting some over the counter Monistat that's specifically for yeast infection, and use all of it as instructed.
keep taking the probiotic, that's actually putting healthy bacteria into your body.
eat less sugar, and drink less soda. sugars increase the chances of getting a yeast infection.
get tested for diabetes. yeast infection can be a sign.
eat lots of yogurt. it has lots of healthy,live bacteria that's good for your digestive system.
and be careful of cleansing cloths and some soaps that have fragrance added to them, they can be a major irritant. try something fragrance free like Aveeno soap or shower gel.
also wear white cotton underwear. they have no dye added to them, which is better for your body, and cotton underwear is better than nylon or anything else.
if you use tampons, stop. they have been known to be an irritant and cause yeast infection.
don't wear tight jeans. they are another cause.
when you get out of the shower, make sure you dry off really good down there.
okay, give these things a try and see if they make a difference. I bet you'll be feeling a lot better real soon!
one more thing, color toilet paper is making a comeback. don't use any color toilet paper except white because of the dye in it.
and don't use any toilet paper that has a fragrance added to it.
I wish you the best, and hope you feel better real soon.
Have a Very Merry Christmas!
do you bake.......???
stop it. you are too clean.
Try being a little messy but I do suggest you wash regularly.
if it gets worse it could be an allergic reaction.
There could be many causes. Your boyfriend could have yeast and pass it back to you. Other causes are wearing tight pants and wearing underwear that is not cotton.

Yeast thrive on sugar, so cutting back on sugar and junk foods may help. Also acidophils supplements and plan yogurt may help.
Antibacterial soaps and cloths are the cause. Antibacterial products are not necessary unless you work at a hospital.

Your body produces good bacteria and if you continue to kill it, it throws your system out of whack.
Eat live culture yogurt everyday. Get the natural, organic stuff with no fruit. Yoplait types are no good.
Keep your sugar down, too.
well? it could also be your diet! or a lot of spicy foods,either that or your allergic to your man.
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